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Today’s Calliope’s Writing Tablet post is brought to you by the letter L — L for Lascaux.

cave2Art stems from man’s capacity to interpret and give meaning to his  surroundings.  The earliest evidence of this can be found in caves in France and Spain. It was in the 1940’s when 17 -year-old Marcel Ravidat and three of his companions stumbled upon one of the greatest paleolithic finds in the world — The cave of Lascaux.

Well-respected archaeologist Abbé Henri Breuil was one of the first to study the site. Along with bone fragments, oil lamps, and other artifacts, he found nearly 2000 artworks — paintings done with mineral pigments and engraved images of horses, bison, aurochs, mammoths, ibex,  deer, bears, lions, and wolves. It is believed such images served spiritual needs or ceremonial purpose. Research puts most of the artwork done in Lascaux cave at around 15,000 ago. The oldest such paleolithic cave  paintings are found at Chauvet cave in France. Discovered in 1994, these works were painted at least 32,000 years ago.

For the next few decades following WWII, the Lascaux cave was modified and opened to the public. It closed in  1963 after it was determined the carbon dioxide of thousands of breaths had created an environment of mold, bacteria, and fungi that were eating away at the precious artworks.



The artworks of Lascaux so tickled my fancy, that many years ago I recreated a cave scene on the walls of a small room in my home. Just another layer of creatively from a fanciful mind.  🙂

Take the virtual tour.

Then stop at Chauvet cave.

For $2.99 watch The Cave of Forgotten Dreams on youtube
It’ll blow your mind.

Monday, letter M!

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3 Responses to The A to Z Challenge L for Lascaux

  1. Jenny Twist says:

    Great post, Rose. I am fascinated by cave paintings. We are near an enormous cave complex – the Nerja caves – which contain prehistoric paintings but, like that of Lascaux, the part of the complex containing the paintings is closed to the general public, Such a pity that we damage them just by breathing!

  2. Melissa Keir says:

    I’ve never been to a cave art display but would love to. I love history and am fascinated by the First Peoples. Thanks for sharing another wonderful blog post!

  3. Thanks Jenny and Melissa. I’m fascinated by First Peoples too. I recently went through the borrowed Lascaux exhibit in Chicago. My goodness.

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