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Today’s Calliope’s Writing Tablet post is brought to you by the letter C — C for Cryptozoology.

Fifty-four years ago, Lucien Blancou coined the term Cryptozoology out of a combination of three Greek words: kryptos, zoon and logos, which mean, respectively, Hidden, Animal, and Discourse. By definition, it is the study of unknown animals.

Global exploration expanded when man mastered the sea. New uncharted lands held  strange plants and animals never before seen.  These native legends, rare sightings, and tales of inexplicable bodies seemingly made of parts, weren’t believed to exist. On this skeptic’s list from the past are creatures we all know today. Here are just a few: giraffe, kangaroo, tapir, beaver, okapi, panda, duck-billed platypus, Komodo dragon, orangutan, and the living fossil fish, the coelacanth.

Then you have creatures on the truly odd list. The most famous is the Loch Ness Monster. Actually many large bodies of water around the world have purported Nessie-ish creatures — Lake Champlain has Champy, and the Congo River has Mokèlé-mbèmbé for example. Then we have the chupacabra, the Sasquatch, and the recently verified Giant Squid (the possible Kraken of mythology.) More often than not, Cryptozoology is dismissed as pseudo-science by conventional fields of study. I think it’s that whole Big Foot thing. 🙂

Several years ago I came upon a local legend and recently wrote a what if story around it.
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2 Responses to The A to Z Challenge – C for Cryptozoology

  1. jwrichardson says:

    As a kid, I wanted to solve the great mysteries–get a good photo of Nessie, unravel the questions behind the Bermuda Triangle–that sort of thing.

    As I grew up, I watched all those wonderful mysteries explained away by reason.

    Today, if I did run across something strange and unexplained, I’d keep the secret. The world is brighter for the shadows that remain. Better, I think, to preserve them.

  2. I agree. It’s sort of like magicians telling everyone how they saw that woman in half. Why ruin the trick? The world is far more interesting where there are things to ponder.

    I was fascinated by these mysteries too. While canoeing the Canadian wilderness many years ago, our party portaged from one lake to another and came out on a sand bar. The trail was old and seldom used, and we knew this because we had to hack through the brush at one point. That the sand was smooth and clear of footprints also proved no one had been that way in some time. We came upon moose and wolf tracks and followed them across the beach. About half way, another set of tracks appeared out of the brush and followed the moose and wolf, large shoeless human footprints.

    One member of our party was a tall man with size 14 feet. He took off his shoe and sock and set his foot inside one footprint. His foot was nearly two inches smaller than the print. 🙂 I’ve kept my sense of wonder.

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