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So before the Spring is in the Air Blog Hop starts tomorrow, I thought I’d chat a little bit.
Books in parts.
When we read a wonderful book, human nature says we like to discuss it with others who’ve found it wonderful too. I love the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon. Several of my friends and family have read the series. If one of us alludes to Jamie Fraiser the hero, we all understand the reference. I like books that have a continuing thread, a reader intimacy if you will, that spans multiple books. Perhaps this stems from the fact I’d read nearly all the Nancy Drew books when I was a girl. It’s one of the reasons I love Harry Potter — I love stories that are too large for one book.

I’ve read fabulous fiction through the years, those all-absorbing tales where you find yourself fully relating to the characters. A few of these hooked me early on and held me as good books do, but just as I was relating, the story ended! Another reason I enjoy series — because they give a reader time to relate.

Several years ago, a friend coerced me into reading a popular series. I just couldn’t get into the story. I tried no less than three times to get into the first book because my friend recommended it. I gave them back and she asked me to push on because they get better. A reader shouldn’t have to push on. One the other hand, I write books. I know with a certainty that no author sets out to have a poor start. I also know that a platform must be carefully laid from which to tell the tale. Ideally the platform is built as part of the telling. Talk about authors walking on eggshells. You either grab or lose a reader early on.

So, I pushed on, and not only did I discover  a surprisingly small storyline, I found page after page of gratuitous sex and violence that added nothing to the story other than a page quota for publication. But oddly enough, by the time I discovered all that after no less than six books, I wanted to see how the tale ended!  Go figure. That story with pointless page-padding sexual encounters and prolonged torture was on the NY Times Bestseller List. To this day that baffles me, unless everyone pushed on like I did.

To be fair, it did one thing for me. It told me I could become an author at long last. I wrote my own series — the 5-book as yet unnamed Magnum Opus (MO for short). It set my feet on this path. Soon. I’ll return to it with all I’ve learned soon….With telling a larger tale in mind, I’ve written two stories that span multiple books. The first was a saga. The second was a series. defines them like so:
Saga — Any narrative or legend of heroic exploits.
Series — A set of successive volumes or issues of a periodical published in like form with similarity of subject or purpose.

The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Books 1&2) is my saga. It certainly is a tale of heroic exploit.


Inspired by Native American mythology and a very real urban legend.
See both book trailers on youtube  or scroll down my blog to a previously posted page
Loving Leonardo, on the other hand, is a series. I had such fun with these characters,  two more books may be in the future.
LL 1&2
A Victorian polyamorous love story, with a touch of reader-interactive art history.
A Two Lips Reviews Recommended Read!
A CataRomance Sensual Reads Reviewer’s Choice Winner
for Historical Romance!
~Coming in April~
Loving Leonardo – The Quest
See the first book trailer on youtube or scroll down my blog to a previously posted page


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