A Peek at a New Novel!


The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo
Book 2 – Eluwilussit


An ancient hatred seethes in pastoral Wisconsin. Denied access to the White spirit world of the ancestors, ancient shaman Eluwilussit finds himself in the Red Realm and receives a terrible gift from the forsaken spirits who dwell there. Blaming Ash for this misfortune, as well as Aiyanna’s death, he vows to be rid of the other shaman once and for all.

Meanwhile, Ash declares his love to Livie and reveals the truth of his existence as a Witchy Wolf. Warned that Eli is coming for him, Ash sends Livie north to the reservation hoping John’s family will keep her safe. In the inevitable confrontation to come, either one shape-shifter will live, or both shall die.

Setting the stage ~
In this scene, Ash visit’s his mentor Nawkaw in the White spirit world, and learns of Eluwilussit’s horrible new ability.

“There is more than what you see here, Ash. Eluwilussit has struck a terrible bargain. He went to the forsaken realm and traded himself for a gift.”

“Traded?” Ash shook his head, not understanding. His mind filled with the gut-wrenching image before him.

“He became a slave to the desires of those in the forsaken realm. He was given a gift for his submission.”

Cold-blooded murderers dwell in the Red Realm of the forsaken. They were cursed to live dismal lives in that broken wasteland for all eternity. Ash’s mind filled with questions. What gift could they have given him? The forsaken had nothing. “Please, tell me all as you know it.”

“You know he was denied the White World after he murdered me?”

“I did not know he took your life until you told me. But I know murder goes against Sky Father’s plan.” Ash recited what he’d learned from Wynono. “Murder is an abomination and outside the life the Manitou has given us. There is no seat beside Sky Father for a murderer.”


Just released!
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 2 Eluwilussit)


WWcover3The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo
Book 1 Ashkewheteasu

What does an immortal Native American shaman do when the grave he’s sworn to watch over for all eternity disappears under urban development? His purpose of guarding his wife’s burial mound is gone, Ashkewheteasu seeks to end his immortal existence. In his despair, Ash assumes the form of a wolf and steps in front of a moving car and into the life of Dr. Olivia “Livie” Rosalini. The veterinarian saves the animal’s life, and in the process saves the man within. Livie has no idea the wolfish dog she’s taken into her home and grows to love is a magical being seeking to win her heart as a man. While Ash is learning a new world filled with new love, friendship, and happiness, an old menace makes plans to steal it all away; just as he had 3000 years before.
And here’s the true root of the story at USA Today — The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo

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  1. Nikki Lynn Barrett says:

    Whoa….I want more!

  2. Congrats on your release! I want more! Great peek…

  3. jdfaver says:

    Wonderful books, Rose. Congratulations on your newest release.

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