Sneak Peek Sunday ~

I’ve recently discovered a new Sunday hop to fill the void left by the closing of Six Sentence Sunday.
It’s called
Sneak Peek Sunday!
The idea is to post six paragraphs (no more, no less) from either a work in progress (WIP) or a published work. I have lots to choose from.  🙂

Here’s a sneak peek from my Loving Leonardo — A Victorian polyamorous love story, with a touch of reader-interactive art history. This portion from the beginning of the tale involves Ellie knocking on Nicolas’ door and  proposing marriage to a man completely comfortable with his life to this point. Needless to say he’s shocked that this stranger, this bold-as-brass American, would suggest such a thing.

I rubbed the point between my eyes.

She asked, “As a friend, may I leave your title aside and call you Nicolas?” At my nod she continued. “Nicolas, I’m no fool. For all that I’m a progressive woman: I live in a man’s world. And while society may change in the future, I’m hindered in the here and now. It would be difficult to travel on my own, and certainly tracking down homoerotic artworks would be next to impossible for a woman. I wouldn’t even know how to ask about them; trained proficient I’m not. Were we to marry, I see advantage for the both of us outside this venture.”


“Yes, you’ll be free to love who you will without society casting rude speculations your way. And aside from my being free to be who I am, I’ll benefit by a social standing that will allow me to affect change from within society.”

I considered her a moment. Miss Elenora Schwaab was an extremely pleasant-looking young woman with her wise blue eyes and cinnamon hair. She was fit and fashionable, and without a doubt a highly-educated and intelligent person. Her ready humor and matter-of-factness were also quite appealing. Yes, I could see myself enjoying this woman’s companionship if nothing else.

Running down a list of potential advantages of marrying someone not shocked or repulsed by my nature, I surprised myself by finding her proposal no less than brilliant. Many marriages started with far less. Still, there was one bit that must be addressed. It had always been my understanding that one day I’d be pressed to marry and sire children. When one inherits the title of Earl, especially a Halstead Earl, there are responsibilities one must naturally live up to. But until that hourglass ran out, I considered myself free to love and enjoy whom I would. To be fair she’d have to be told. “I must tell you that I have obligations to my title and estate. These obligations would necessitate my producing an heir in the future.”


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  1. Nancy Jardine says:

    How can he refuse? 😉

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