Organizing & the Annual Purge

Thinking about Pinterest today. Spring is knocking on my door, winter is coming to a close, my house is full of visual clues that say stop writing it’s time for spring cleaning!! Friends and family know the Annual Purge is essential to me and they’ll laughingly get out of my way. Even my husband’s colleagues ask if I’m spring cleaning yet. It’s the stuff of legends.  For two or three weeks my world stops and every nook and cranny, every drawer, every cabinet, and corner are cleaned. This is my renewal. This is how I find myself each year.

It all started with bad news about twenty-two years ago. I won’t go into that, but it was just plain sad. So sad I wanted to pull a blanket up over my head and sleep, sleep it all away. My soul mate/best friend/husband saw something I hadn’t. I define myself, in part, by my home. My home has always been an eclectic, eccentric canvas and my style, interests, and collections are the blobs of color upon my palette. Up until the sadness hit, we’d only been in this house a few years. We lived with white blah walls waiting on One Of These Days when time and money agreed to change things. He sat beside me, and said, “I want you to redecorate the entire house from top to bottom. I want you to find yourself again.”

There was no grand swapping out of furniture and appliances, no tearing up carpet or laying down new tile. But I painted murals and filled the house with color. I organized and rid myself of the weight of things no longer pertinent to our lives. Then I decorated with all the little things that make a home interesting. And within days, the anchor of sadness pressing me into my mattress had lifted. He was right. I found myself again.

I have been doing this annual event every year since. It’s gone from several truck loads of donations to Goodwill to a few bags in the car and it will last until the holidays come rolling around. Then ever so slowly, one item at a time will creep into my life. I don’t know why I’ll have a dozen wine corks in the requisite junk drawer (every kitchen seems to have such a drawer), but they’ll have to go. Six dead batteries? Yeah they go to.  Single socks? You’re outta here. Where did all these paperclips come from? Ratty potholders? Out the door. Cob webs and spiders? You’re out too.

Ok, now what does all that have to do with Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place to organize. I’ve been online for so many years that I’ve naturally collected favorite sites. I’ve come across many interesting places worth visiting again (like this blog). Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board — a pin board if you will. On it I’ve created smaller boards to pin my interests on. Nearly all come with a link that will take me back to those sites I wanted to keep track of. And Pinterest is booming. I’d read recently that Pinterest is the new popular social media and grows more so by the day.

Before I looked at Pinterest as being useful to me, I’d often stumble upon it in random internet searches. It was all about wedding cakes and shoes and stuff I wasn’t remotely interested in. What’s more, it never made sense to me at the time. What was this place with all the mishmash of unrelated items on one page??

Last May I came across an article talking about Pinterest as a media marketing tool. I took a serious look at the site after reading that. Authors spend a good deal of time marketing their books and themselves. The publishing world is a giant haystack and authors are small needles that need to be found so anything pushing those sparkly needles into the light is a good thing.

I made an account and filled it with categories, aka boards, and started pinning things of interest. Only then did I get it — pin things of interest — pin + interest = Pinterest! I devoted an entire month, hours of time, to build a pin board that was both interesting and large enough that people would want to follow me. I had things I wanted to share — amazing pictures, history, science, recipes, crafts, and my books.  Through Pinterest I have access to well over 100,000 people each day. If 80% are there looking to shop, and a % are book lovers, and another % of them read romance, that means that’s a bunch of people who’ll find me who might not have found me any other way.

pinI came upon this recently and it’s a part of a much larger infographic that can be seen here. I recommend seeing the whole thing. As I deal with books, my own specifically, I found number 7 very interesting.

Today I’ve added a bunch of pins to my Rose Anderson Romance Author board. They’re all the places I’ve been over the last few months – interviews and guest blogs, newspaper articles, youtube videos, assorted links, etc. I invite you to follow me. I have over 20,000 pins. From crafts to social conscience, I’m one interesting cookie if I do say so myself.  🙂


Rose Anderson – Love Waits in Unexpected Places

Lucky in Love


The Romance Reviews

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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3 Responses to Organizing & the Annual Purge

  1. mjrainbow says:

    An interesting cookie indeed. 🙂
    in begun to catch some of your earlier blogs if my keyboard would stop freezing.

    • Thanks. I hate when keyboards do that. My laptop keyboard is going through a slow death. First the P, then the R, the O…recently the L. Needless to say prowling doesn’t come easy. 🙂

  2. mjrainbow says:

    An interesting cookie indeed.

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