Taking a Breath

Whew. Three blog hops later, it’s time to take a breath. I’ve offered gift ideas you can make yourself, a few tasty recipes relevant to the season, video book trailers, blurbs, quotes, links, and excerpts. I’ve met some fun people, mailed some swag, given most of my prizes, and packed the rest to mail after the holidays. And, as I’d hoped, I’ve expanded my horizons by introducing myself to people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I’ve had over 700 guests, the majority of them new. Of these, a portion left comments, a portion subscribed, a portion Liked, a portion complimented, and a portion followed my link to Amazon because my books are selling! Hopefully my writing will gain a few more fans. 🙂

If you’re stumbling to my blog for the first time and you’d like to see those do-it-yourself gift instructions and recipes, simply scroll back to earlier posts. If you’re coming back to see if you’ve won my prizes, you’ve heard from me by now if you have. I hope you enjoy.

Only days left to December and January is already simmering. Starting off 2013 with a bang – The Naughty New Years Blog Hop! After that, I’m laying off the Hops for a while (lol sounds like I’m talking about beer)…though I might talk myself into one for Valentine’s Day.


Being a Midwestern gal, I love snow. We’re supposed to have a blizzard today and the me that’s a little kid at heart, is excited. The larder is stocked with the requisite milk, eggs, bread, and peanut butter. Let the winds blow, let the snow fall, we’re safe from the storm. I may lose power, I think I’ll bake something and perhaps make a pot of soup. Being in the country, I’m sure I’ll lose internet. But I’ll be back. Until then, from my family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season. And don’t sweat the Mayan’s end of the calendar/world tomorrow. Cultures have been erroneously picking that date for millennia. Remember, calendars are a human invention and to err is human.


To end this post, I’m sharing one of my favorite snow lover’s videos from youtube.
Have a smile on me. 🙂


If you’d like to learn more about my books, thoughts, future projects, and things I’ve found to navigate the author’s world, pour yourself a spot of tea and dig into my blog. You’re sure to find something useful or entertaining.  🙂

Rose Anderson – Love Waits in Unexpected Places

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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2 Responses to Taking a Breath

  1. GladysMP says:

    We will not be expecting any snow, but we had a wind storm here that put my computer out of order, totally ruined our microwave that was built into the wall and impossible to replace and blew a huge limb down on my son’t truck and put it in the shop. Snow would at least be pretty.

    • Sounds like you’ve had rough weather. I live on the end of the power line. I’d need more than two hands to count how many appliances and assorted electronics have died from power surges. We didn’t get the snow I was hoping for. After 2011/2012 crazy year without a winter, I’m really looking forward to the next snowfall. I like my seasons predictable and in fours.

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