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My newest novel has started to get reviews. There are the Amazon reviewers, those wonderful readers who leave full synopses or simple sentences that can either make or break another’s decision to buy. I’ve said it before, not every book is a good fit for every reader. Thankfully for us readers, there’s a vast sea of literary works out there. For authors — wow the competition is stiff. I’m grateful for any reader wanting to leave a good word. 🙂

5-Star review by Toni Sweeney

MY OPINION:  A love story and a treasure hunt with a blacker-than-blackhearted villain. The characters of Nicolas (who narrates the story) and his wife are well-delineated and their sexual discovery of each other is presented with an oddly endearing air that is almost innocent in its presentation.

The backstory of Luca’s first encounter with Bruno foreshadows the choice that young man must make to save the woman he and Nicolas love, as well as da Vinci’s masterpiece. This is a well-researched story with many art references with a deft handling of a subject many writers might skirt or avoid completely. Written in a style that evokes literature of the period in which this story is set, Loving Leonardo is an erotic thriller, and an enjoyable adventure of three lusty young people striving to save both themselves and a work of art that is in itself a declaration of love.

🙂 Nice huh? One of the best reviews I’ve seen for a romance novel, and the kind that makes an author smile because just about every salient point is covered. Read the rest here and be sure to check out Toni’s site for more. -reviews Loving Leonardo


Here are a few great words for Loving Leonardo on Amazon:

Well researched historical and period novels always hold my attention. Here Rose Anderson presents a, for the period, taboo subject in a believable, well researched story. It barely takes any of Coleridge’s “suspension of disbelief” to be drawn into the time and place of Ms Anderson’s tale. Excellent, highly recommended.

The novel has interesting information about Leonardo’s work, the romance is both charming and hot and I couldn’t put it down! It is very well-written! Thank you Rose! You have created characters that I’ve fall in love with. I’ll certainly watch for your next novel.

Very well written and beautifully researched story. Couldn’t put it down! I cannot wait to read more by Rose Anderson. Thank you Ms. Anderson

Very intriquing gay/bi-sexual story. I learned more about Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance era than I had ever known. The best story written by Rose Anderson so far.

A well written story by one of my favorite authors. Rose Anderson writes in a way that makes you unable to put the story down. It’s a compelling, unusual story with an unexpected ending. I love the way Rose Anderson delves into the more “taboo” subjects and turns them into enjoyable novels. Well done Ms. Anderson – I look forward to your next story.

🙂 Nice words all.

And there’s this one with three stars and the peculiar title:

Interesting and boring at the same time

I started this book with an open mind. The subject of bisexuality did not bother me but the rest did. Every time the main character looks at someone he compares it to a great work of art. His wife smiles and she’s Mona Lisa, his lover is built like Michelangelo. her arm looks like this art piece, her breast like this price. I find myself skipping sections to keep my interest in the story. While the author compares people to art, there is little to no mention of the scenery, clothing, the description of the cities they travel through. The sex scenes are dry. If you are looking for erotica, this isn’t it. If you are looking for emotion, this is not it. Thus books skims the surface without touching any particular anything.

🙂  Interesting and boring at the same time. And there you go. Just as I said in the beginning of this post. Not every book is a good fit for every reader. I write erotic romance and don’t read erotica myself so I don’t know what exactly this reader was looking for. When I read, I enjoy writings on the cerebral side. I like to think and a story crafted well that leaves just enough for the reader’s mind to extrapolate on is the kind of story I’ll think about for days after finishing it. Diana Gabaldon, Michael Crichton, and J.K. Rowling are three authors I love reading for that very reason. I hope all of my novels do the same for my readers as these authors’ books do for me. These great authors have the full range of reviews too — from fabulous to downright nasty. And just like them, if I’m lucky, my books will fit with as many readers as possible and there’ll be more positive than negative.


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