Last day to get Loving Leonardo free at Amazon. com

Yesterday I found my novel in the Kindle Top 100 Historical Romances. Yay!

The verdict on the Kindle KDP program: Not bad at all and I’ll do it again!

Today is day three and the last day of my Kindle KDP free book offer. It took a little figuring out on my end, but with the help of one of my author friends I gained a fairly solid working knowledge of the Amazon Kindle feature.

Monday night the only way I could find Loving Leonardo was by author search and title search. I tried to find it in all categories and sub-categories I put it in but no luck there. My natural default went to I must have done this wrong. I’ve never tried to self-publish before. Did I miss an important step? I sent an email to Amazon asking about that and they were pretty good with their Within 24 Hour reply. They said my book was there in categories. I looked again and lo and behold it was. It wasn’t when I looked the day before though. I’ve determined it just takes time to show up. I’m normally a patient person but not knowing if I messed up in the launching grated on my nerves for a while there, especially since I was in the free book business for the next three days.

Last night my friend pointed me to both the KDP program’s Month to Date Unit Sales feature and the Amazon Author Rank. The former tells me how many downloads my book has had. I was blown away by that number, let me tell you. The latter looked like a chart on Viagra. LOL

So if you want a copy of my unusual erotic romance for free, you have all day today only to stop by Amazon and download the Kindle version.

And…if you don’t have a kindle, Amazon has a free Kindle program you can download and read books right off your computer.
Read ebooks on your computer with this download from Kindle

Loving Leonardo in paperback is coming soon.
Loving Leonardo part2 The Quest is on the way too!

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