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Get your download. Loving Leonardo is *FREE* on kindle today.



I’ve signed up for the Amazon Kindle KDP program and this whole thing is completely new to me. What’s more, I have no idea how it will work out. I am hopeful though. An author friend in my group sent me to a terrific  blog for inspiration today: JM Madden blog If you’re an author, I highly recommend reading this guy’s success story.

How this program works is every time someone borrows my book, the downloads go toward a “pot” worth $500,000. In an ideal world my book would be the only one people wanted and I’d make $500k. Ha like that’ll happen.  🙂  But I do stand to get the book noticed if nothing else.  The idea with promotion is to get noticed. I have a back list now…a small one. Perhaps the free Loving Leonardo will be enjoyed enough to have readers go look for my other books.  Part 2  Loving Leonardo, The Quest will be out soon. This two-part novel is an erotic romance meant for adults so expect steam.

Busy busy.

One more thing — it’s absolutely beautiful outside. The hazels are flaming orange and the sumac is fire-engine red.  The varieties of oaks are red, brown, and dark purple. The hickories and cottonwoods look like they have sunlight trapped in the vibrant yellow of their leaves, and the ash and cherry trees look like they’re on fire.

The Midwest dressed for fall has to be one of the prettiest regions on earth.

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2 Responses to FREE Today on Amazon Kindle – Loving Leonardo

  1. Marie Jermy says:

    Have just downloaded my copy. Looking forward to reading it.

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