A new 6 for Six Sentence Sunday ~

To enjoy this fun literary tag-along, you follow the link below to the main page, then follow those authors listed  and hop from blog to blog around the web. Each stop gives you six interesting and evocative sentences from different novels. Check out the many talented writers taking part here:  http://www.sixsunday.com/

This week I offer a bit from my first novel ~ Hermes Online

Setting the stage ~

Blurb: Left bruised and brokenhearted after a cruel breakup, Vivienne Bennet finds herself mired in a world of self-doubt. To her surprise, she receives an email that challenges her to rediscover the sensual woman she once was. Together Vivienne and the enigmatic man known only as S embark upon the world of anonymous Internet communication where suggestive emails lead to erotic chat, where cybering leads to Skype, and C2C sends both into the arms of a love they’d believed lost forever

The Six:

They were only words, weren’t they? If so then why could I see it, why could I feel this so acutely?

I clicked send and waited.

“You’ve got mail” burst forth from the speakers. I discovered I had been conditioned to have an autonomic response to seeing the envelope and hearing the computerized words. Like Pavlov’s dog, I began to salivate.

Makes you wonder, no?  😀

I’ve been very busy editing the new novel, (lol what else is new?) watch for a hefty new post this week.

Seven Things You Might Not Guess About Me  :D

  1. I taught myself how to sew
  2. I enjoy playing poker
  3. Ski ball is my favorite arcade game
  4. As a treat to break up my writing all day, I’ll play Collapse Blast online. My score has been 39 million (lol what does that say about me??)
  5. I once had a pet chicken who weighed 48 lbs. No kidding.
  6. I’ve forgotten how to drive stick. Contrary to popular opinion, driving a standard is not like bike riding in its total recall no matter who tries to say otherwise
  7. I love animals, and some return the affection

And before I go ~

Collectors of Romance Memorabilia, I have some

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Rose Who?

Hello, I’m Rose Anderson, the author of scorching romances Dreamscape and Hermes Online. You can find me just about anywhere these days. Here are several of my links. I’d love if you’d stop to  say hi. :)

My blog: https://calliopeswritingtablet.com/

My page at my publisher’s site: Siren-Bookstrand_RoseAnderson

My book trailers:  MusesWritingTablet

Yes I tweet, let’s be friends! @roseanderson_  (notice the _  at the end)

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About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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  1. Debra G says:

    I enjoyed your post. That little blurb really makes you want more.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

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