Six Sentence Sunday & an extra Snog for good measure ~

Six Sentence Sunday!

The idea behind this fun little tag-along is to find six interesting and evocative sentences from your novel and put them out as a teaser. Check out the many talented writers taking part:

Here’s another bit from Dreamscape

Setting the Six Sentence stage ~

In her waking world, Lanie knows Jason Bowen as the Victorian era ghost who haunts her house. At this point in the story, she’s entered her dream world, a world where Jason is very much alive and well in his time. In one world she loves a ghost and feels the hopelessness of that fact, in the other she loves a man doomed to die.

And now for the six:

His eyes searched hers. He needed her to know. “I will love you through time. I will love you in your dreams and in the waking world. No matter what happens, no matter when.” His lips found hers, and he kissed her sweetly.

If you’d like to see Dreamscape’s captivating (if I do say so myself) book trailer, follow the link at the very end of this post. 😀

The Sunday Snog!

Sizzling romance author, Victoria Bliss’ hosts the Sunday Snog where memorable kisses are showcased. Stop by, Victoria has a kiss posted today from  her steamy Valentine tale of two lovers enjoying a bit of breakfast at a cafe.  As if the “crackly bacon” wasn’t evocative enough, she brings forth even more imagery to whet the appetite.

And speaking of snogging…..

Jason suddenly found himself in his surgery. Lanie’s dream had obviously taken a turn from Bertha’s exhaustive telling of her father’s gouty toe. Thank goodness. The last thing Jason was in the mood for was treating a bunion. He wondered why he was in here, but then recalled he’d offered the woman laudanum for her concussion.

Lanie had been mostly silent and looking uncomfortable during breakfast. They needed to talk. He assured her, “This will only take a moment.” With that he quickly filled a phial with the sweet-smelling opiate.

He was about to put the bottle back in the cabinet when the door swung wide. It was Cathy. “Jason, Bertha won’t be needing the laudanum. It will tire her out. Do you have anything milder?”

Gone from the house or drugged into silence, it didn’t matter to him which it was, as long as he no longer had to listen to Bertha’s expounding. He set the phial on the desk next to the bottle and took the powdered cocaine down from the cabinet. Portioning off a small amount, he asked, “Where are you off to, Cathy?”

“Bertha and I are dragging Richard to the haberdasher in Dunston today. They have excellent merino socks for men there, and there’s nothing like that back home since before the war.”

He handed her an envelope.

“What is this?”

“For Bertha, if her headache should return in full bloom. Stop midday for tea and allow this to steep five minutes before she drinks it.

She nodded. Turning to Lanie, she said, “I know you wouldn’t care to join us. That’s why I didn’t bother to ask you.”

“On the contrary, Lanie and I have business in Dunston. Perhaps we’ll ride with you.” Jason answered with little concern for her lapse in manners.

Lanie’s gaze went to his face. Her father had no dealings in Dunston.

Not expecting her husband to suggest such a thing, Cathy blinked. “But we’re leaving now, Jason, and you’re obviously not ready and besides, it’s too hot and humid for five in the carriage. We’ll simply melt.” Then finding herself with nothing else to say, added, “Well, I suppose we could meet…”

Smiling, Jason turned to Lanie and asked, “It was Dunston, wasn’t it? Or was it Brookton?”

“Brookton,” she replied, still not quite knowing what this conversation was for.

Cathy said incredulously, “Why, that’s clear across the county, Jason…”

He nodded. “It is, and it’s far too late to go there now. It appears we must deny your entourage the pleasure of our company today, Cathy. I’m sure Richard will be most pleased with the selection there. Do enjoy yourselves. ”

The change in his wife was remarkable. She said happily, “Oh, we will. So long.”

He locked the door behind her. In an instant he pulled Lanie into his arms. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered at her ear. When she remained silent, Jason drew back and searched her face. She kept her eyes averted, forcing him to tip her chin with his finger. “What is it? Tell me, love.”

She’d cried after their lovemaking and couldn’t account for the profound sadness she felt after such incredible joy. Her eyes brimmed with tears. “I feel hopeless, Jason, and I’m not sure why.”

He understood her words. Lanie’s dream was influenced by her waking reality. After brushing away the tear that slowly fell from her lovely blue eyes, he held her face in his hands. “Don’t feel hopeless.” His eyes searched hers. He needed her to know. “I will love you through time. I will love you in your dreams and in the waking world. No matter what happens, no matter when.” His lips found hers, and he kissed her sweetly. Her arms circled his neck as she returned that kiss with desperate abandon.

On the outside, Dreamscape with its haunted house and gentleman ghost, is a  story set between two time periods. But on the inside, it’s actually much more than that. This unlikely love story is also a murder, a suspense, a mystery, a time travel (via dreams) and if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also an Easter egg hunt. Easter eggs, in this sense, are intentionally hidden messages. I tried to make them as visible as I could and in such number that readers would say to themselves, Was that intentional? It must mean something!

Growing up, I was a huge fan of author Agatha Christie’s work. Many of her books were filled with pointing fingers and arrows, some were veiled and some  were intentionally hidden  in plain sight pointing to the truth. I wrote Dreamscape to tickle the imagination while turning expectations on their ends. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a bit of what more from what readers have to say about Dreamscape:

  • “The ending was not anything I would have guessed. I loved the history and the moving back and forth in the different eras through the dreams.” 
  • “Every once in a while you read a book that is so well written and the story so real that when you finished reading it, you almost want to cry because the story is over. This book is one of those. It seamlessly combines it all, history, romance, mystery and sensuality. Without a doubt, this was one of the BEST books I’ve ever read.”
  • At first, the story appears straightforward enough…Ghost falls in love with new owner of his home…kind of like the Ghost and Mrs. Muir…but soon, all those usual clichés are thrown out the window.  And what you’re expecting isn’t what you get, and vice versa. So thank you, Rose Anderson, for giving new life to old ideas! Dreamscape is catchy, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • “Wonderful read. I enjoyed the descriptive words of the old home being restored, plus the scariness of the plot. It made the haunting very real. The chemistry build-up scenes between the lovers were hot.” 
  • “This book is amazing. The story is fast, the emotion as high as the suspense. The ending will be completely unexpected.” 
  • “OMG — what a novel!! This is one of those books that lures the reader in with its mysterious scenario of dreams” 
  • “I LOVED the hidden clues!! At first I thought you were using things by mistake. LOL I was wrong. After a while there were too many to be mistakes. I won’t say what so I don’t spoil it for other readers. Way cool how you did that.” 
  • “I was hooked after reading the first page of this story. Rose Anderson weaves the world of love, ghosts, and modern day life into a great story. Whats interesting is that there is a story within a story as she moves the tale between the world of the living and the realm of the ghost, then added sizzle and romance for a perfect read!” 
  • “When the dreams and reality became intertwined, I was trying to imagine how it would affect the modern day ghost if Jason was able to prevent his own murder. Your surprise ending was so unique, I loved it. Your descriptions carried such boiling passion, they suggested things that let my mind create the pictures. Very well written.” 
  • “I was simply blown away. What a smartly written, intelligent read. In MHO, this book is definitely a keeper.”

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Six Sentence Sunday bit as well as the the Sunday Snog. Be sure to check out both sites. You just might find that next great read…after you read mine of course. LOL

And speaking of mine… now visible on the horizon ~ Book one of my next novel goes to the publisher by the end of next week! Two weeks after, book two follows. Busy busy.

And before I go ~

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  1. Very Intriguing indeed! Thanks for joining in the snogging sensation! 😀

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