Day 3 ~ Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop & Six Sentence Sunday Snog too!

Last Day of Drea Becraft’s Holiday Blog Hop,

Six Sentence Sunday, & a Sunday Snog too? Yep!

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To begin this busy day, I’ll start with day 3 of the Stuff Your Stocking blog hop. Let me tell you about the prizes. I’m offering the handmade ornament seen hanging from my snazzy Rose Anderson pen below — a bunch of grapes for the wine lover out there — suitable for tree or anywhere! It’s a cute little thing with its repurposed wine cork and curled copper tendrils. 😀 And, winner’s choice of an ebook copy of either of my erotic romances — Dreamscape or Hermes Online. The winner will be randomly chosen from all comments left this weekend.

Also, anyone interested in my soon-to-be-famous Rose Anderson promotional items such as autographed book covers,bookmarks etc,  email me directly at roseanderson4858(at)yahoo(dot)com. I’ll send any or all. You’ll find the complete list below.

Six Sentence Sunday!

The idea behind this fun little tag-along is to find six interesting and evocative sentences from your novel and put them out as a teaser. Check out the many talented writers taking part in Six Sentence Sunday.

Here’s another bit from Dreamscape.

Setting the Six Sentence stage ~

Lanie now knows the ghost of Jason Bowen isn’t a figment of her imagination. Earlier, Jason realized as formless energy he was able to enter Lanie’s synapse to ride her dreams, dreams that just so happen to take him into the 1880’s world in the days leading up to his murder. At this point, Lanie is lucidly dreaming Jason’s era fully aware their time is running out. 

My Six:

The way Jason saw it, they had no idea what the dawn would bring. The only thing in their favor right now was finally knowing when he was meant to die. His mouth slanted over hers in a possessive kiss before he murmured at her lips, “I love you. No matter what the morning brings, I’ll love you forever, in my world or yours.”

Holding the flesh and blood of his body close, Lanie wrapped around him. She knew in her heart he’d never stay with her as a ghost. Jason would leave the moment he found a way.

And now for the Sunday Snog!

Sizzling romance author, Victoria Bliss’ hosts the Sunday Snog where memorable kisses are showcased. Stop by, Victoria as a very nice kiss posted today from  her toasty tale of two teachers snowed in at school.

And speaking of snogging…..

Dreamscape Excerpt ~ a breathless kiss:

At the top of the mansion’s breezy cupola, Jason absently looked out at the orange-tagged stakes and string that delineated a large rectangle alongside his carriage house and another twice as large painted in blue along the ground beside it. Though he didn’t know what they were about, he didn’t give a second thought. Instead his mind ran through new details and those long forgotten. Used to time having little meaning, he hadn’t realized two days had passed while he pondered his own death and his housekeeper’s mysterious disappearance. There was much to think about. Lexie had turned up so many details, large and small, and some he hadn’t known before. He felt more certain than ever that he was supposed to put the pieces together.

That Addy went missing disturbed him more than his murder, for he’d loved that old woman dearly. He could scarcely believe Cathy condemned this loving and kind woman as a thief. A thief! What a preposterous thought. Addy Fairfax was as honest as the day was long. Had Addy witnessed his death as Lexie suggested? Raking his fingers through his hair, he tried to remember how it was they’d murdered him, but no matter what angle he came to his death from, he still had no clear recollection of their deed.

This inability to recall had been gnawing at him for more than a century. It hit him then. It was no coincidence that Lanie had been dreaming about him for years. Through her dreams he could venture back to his time and solve this riddle. He came aware. My god, Lanie. Lost in thought, he hadn’t seen her for who knew how long.

An instant later he materialized in their bedroom to find her just leaving her bath. Coming upon the stunning sight left him thunderstruck. Glistening beads of water sparkled all over her body, and her wet hair, obviously just fluffed with her towel, hung in thick, ebony ringlets. Completely missing the fact he wasn’t invisible, he whispered in awe, “If I had breath, you’d take it away.”

Startled, she whirled around at the sound of his voice, and her large blue eyes met his. The light blush started at her cheeks and ended just above her pale pink nipples. She looked to the bed and back at him, resisting the urge to dive under the sheets and hide herself.

Jason instantly felt remorse, realizing his error too late. . “I apologize for frightening you.”

She assured him quickly, “I wasn’t frightened, only startled. I thought you’d gone.” No, she wasn’t frightened. She was however, keenly aware of standing naked before this ghost of a man. A drop of water fell unnoticed from her wet hair to trace a wet path down the center of her breast. Feeling a chill, she crossed her arms in front of her.

“No, I’m always here,” he said softly, his eyes momentarily drawn to a sparkling droplet that hung like a jewel from her chill-hardened nipple before she covered her breasts. He swallowed. The sight made his mouth water. “I sense I make you nervous. I’d never hurt you, you know. Please believe that.”

“I believe that. Jason, I–I’m not dressed.”

“And I am a mere shadow of a man. Please don’t be shy in front of me, Lanie. I’m a ghost. Some would say I’m not even here,” he teased.

Those silly but true words helped her to relax.

“If I may, I’d like to talk to you.” Ignoring her uncomfortable nakedness, he took her by the hand and sat her beside him on the bed. The sensation was light and transparent but very real. He was there all right. And her shyness returned. She attempted to pull from his hand. “Really, I should put on some clothes…”

He chuckled but didn’t let go. “As I see it, you and I are both physicians. Medical training aside, in our profession we’ve seen the ins and outs of human anatomy. Don’t be self-conscious around me, Dr. O’Keefe. I repeat, I’m a ghost.”

Another droplet fell from the ends of her raven hair. This one dropped on her lap and disappeared between her thighs. Poised to do so since he entered the room, his cock sprung to life as though he were flesh and blood again. Mastering the urge to pull her to him, he eventually said, “I’ve been thinking…”

It was hard to miss the fact Jason’s ethereal form didn’t leave an impression on her bedding. It was also hard to miss Jason Bowen. He was undeniably the most handsome man Lanie had ever set eyes on. His eyes with their unusual color were fringed with dark lashes, his mouth was full-lipped and kind and a single lock of his dark brown hair lay a bit lower on his forehead than the rest. He looked exactly as he did in her dream. Another thought came to her at his close proximity, a recollection of the dream she’d had with an unseen lover treating her to exquisite oral sex. The unbidden imagery swiftly tied him to the deed. Her imagination making her light-headed, she parroted mechanically, “You’ve been thinking?”

Noting how her eyes suddenly dilated, and her pulse throbbed at her porcelain throat, it took effort for Jason to find his thoughts. “Yes, I caught a piece of your conversation with Lexie in the kitchen. I appreciate your wanting details of my disappearance. I have none myself, you see.” He didn’t want to cloud the investigation through her dreams so left out the fact he’d been murdered. Another droplet rolled over her collarbone, and he unconsciously pulled out his handkerchief to dab it away.

She gasped softly.

The sound was his undoing. He pulled her into his arms for a kiss before he realized he’d done it. Her mouth was warm and sweet, and his tongue twined with hers as he crushed her to him with every particle of his essence. Feeling her sensual surrender as her arms wrapped around him to deepen the kiss, he stopped to chastise himself. There is no future in this, you stupid fool. Taking her arms from him, he said, “I’ll leave you to your sleep. Perhaps we can talk more tomorrow.” With that, he disappeared.

Lanie looked at the spot where he’d been only an instant before, the kiss leaving her breathless.

On the outside Dreamscape is a ghost story set between two time periods, but on the inside it’s actually much more. It’s a ghost story, a love story, a murder, a suspense, a mystery, a time travel (of sorts) and if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also an Easter egg hunt. Easter eggs, in this sense, are intentionally hidden messages. I tried to make them as visible as I could and in such number that readers would say to themselves, Was that intentional? It must mean something!

Growing up, I was a huge fan of author Agatha Christie’s work. I remember reading And Then There Were None as a child. I didn’t fully comprehend the nuance of the story at the time, but after seeing the movie adaptation, Ten Little Indians, several years later, I reread the book. To my surprise and delight, it was filled with pointing fingers and arrows and some were veiled and some were out in plain sight. Those intentional hidden messages point to the truth. I wrote Dreamscape to tickle the imagination while turning expectations on their ends. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a bit of what readers have to say:

5-Stars at Manic Readers:

“I wondered as I read this how the lovers were ever going to solve that problem, but was totally surprised at how Anderson arrived at the HEA ending I was hoping for, as I read far into the night. Great read with a surprising twist ending.”
5-Stars at The Book Binge ~ Dr. Judith’s review:
“There is not doubt in my mind that this is one heck of a novel, one that had me introspective and thoughtful when I finished, a kind of wonder that someone could have crafted such a wonderful book. That same sense of wonder is with me whenever I come out of the theater after watching one of those movies that seems to grab me by the shirt front and hold me captive throughout. That is the same feeling I had when I finished this tale.”  “there are surprises all the way through, not to mention that the ending absolutely floored me and got me all twisted up . . . in a good way, of course.” “There are twists and turns and surprises galore in this novel, not the least of which is the ending which absolutely flipped me on my head and left me with my mouth hanging open.” “Just an absolutely stunning story, and one that all lovers of romance fiction need to read.” “It is all here and Ms Anderson has woven it all into a novel that is beautifully written, well-edited, and put together so that the parts of the story flow together seamlessly.” “It is a novel I have no difficulty calling a work of art.” “So readers who love erotic romance wrapped in the mists of dream and fantasy and time-travel will find this to be a delightful reading experience, an entertaining way to spend some time, and an exercise of the mind and imagination. This novel is already on my favorites list as well as my “to read again” list.” “This is not a story that should be missed. I feel it has been a true delight and privilege to read this tale.”
5-Stars at Sensual Reads:
“Rose Anderson gives the reader a ghost story and a murder mystery with a large portion of hot sex thrown in for good measure.  Nothing in this book is what it appears to be.” “The ending of this book will surprise the reader.  Do not jump ahead as it is well worth the wait!”
5- Stars at Fire Pages:
“Dreamscape is phenomenal! I will rant and rave about this novel’s amazingness because it is rocks in all aspects of writing style, character development, plot, and story line. Rose combines history, mystery, romance, intrigue, and sensuality seamlessly and beautifully in Dreamscape.” “Rose excels at interweaving Lanie’s dream world and her real world with Jason. It was never confusing as to which realm you were reading about. I found this dual world to be rather exciting. It feels like you are watching Lanie lead a double life. Lanie’s dreams are an escape… an escape to pleasure… an escape to find the truth… an escape to Jason… an escape for herself. Rose also throws in many twists, turns, and tumbles that will turn your most sane thoughts upside down and keep you guessing about how Lanie and Jason’s future will turn out. At first, I would think about what should/would/could happen next for the pair, but midway through, I just threw my hands in the air and surrendered to Rose’s story. Dreamscape is nothing like you will ever experience, and nothing you can possible guess at. You will have to read the story all the way through to get the full story. I love Rose’s creativity in Dreamscape. The surprises, the turns in the story, and the ending are all well crafted, perfectly placed, and always appropriate. Dreamscape is a personal favorite of mine, and a novel that I will reread over and over again!”
4 1/2-Stars at Love Romance Passion ~
“The whole book is like a dream itself. The reader flows almost seamlessly from dreams to happenings in the present day. You become part of the dream. ” “The ending was a pleasant surprise for me.” “This is a very clever story with a dream hero who will make you believe in ghosts and in the power of the mind.”

5- Stars by Author Jane Leopold Quinn ~
“Humor and sensuality shine through in this story.” “Lush and lyrical describe the prose — hot and sumptuous the love scenes.” “While you’re reading Dreamscape, you’ll come up with happily ever after theories. You’ll desperately want to so these two people can triumph over death. My advice? Just read and enjoy the ride to the end. I had my thoughts, and they were wrong. The real ending is a wonderful surprise. Just let it be, and live in the Dreamscape.”

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I’d like to say Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Best wishes to the world and all creatures upon it. I’ll leave with this wish from Victorian era poet Jerome Klapka Jerome ~

“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing.”

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