My week long Author Spotlight at Whipped Cream & more…

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Several months ago I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. I snagged a week-long author spotlight at the well-known Whipped Cream where they review long and short erotic romance “one happy ever after” at a time.

Whipped Cream is the erotic romance side of Long & Short Reviews and they do much to promote authors and books. It’s a very cool site and worth stopping at if you’re looking for than next great read (I recommend mine LOL).

So I had to give them five posts about myself. Posts that were partially interesting and partially promo for my books. I’ve said before it’s really hard to come up with interesting things about me. I’ve never considered myself interesting! I went through my blog and took snippets here and there that I thought might be considered out of the ordinary to people who didn’t know me. I took from my earliest posts where few people had stopped to read in the first month or two of my blog. It’s a struggle. I still don’t know who I am as an author.

I posted this on google+ and a shortened version on Twitter today:

Rose Anderson . Romance Author

Rose Anderson . Romance Author's profile photo

I’ve a week of author spotlights over at Whipped Cream (the erotic romance side of The Long & Short of It) From Monday to what’s coming this Friday, you can see a side of me few others do. I love quotes, I love…well, come see. <grin>
It loads at Thursday, scroll down to see the rest.

Then I went to Whipped Cream’s main page and remembered this was also a week long contest! Yikes. That’s an important fact to miss! I set this Spotlight up so long ago I completely forgot. Luckily the folks at Whipped Cream are taking care of the details to find a winner. All I have to do is mail the prize. Back to google+ and Twitter I went:

Rose Anderson . Romance Author

Rose Anderson . Romance Author's profile photo

Oops forgot to mention — my week long author Spotlight over at Whipped Cream is a contest too! Win a copy of my scorching erotic ghost story Dreamscape. Written in homage to Agatha Christie, it’s a reader’s Easter egg hunt for clues that hint at a story behind the scenes. Dreamscape is a ghost story, a sizzling love story, a murder and a mystery all rolled into one. Come win an ebook copy and more.

Here’s where you just gotta love social networking. My tweet on Twitter (lol) was retweeted twice. In Twitterland that’s a compliment. As a result of two of my Tweeps (Twitter users who follow me and likely that I follow) passing my info on to their Tweeps, my little bit of info was sent to another 2000+ people (2000+ more people than I have dialogue with). Who knows, maybe my posts will stir some interest in my books.

I never got into FaceBook because of its blatant shady actions, and I never went further than a profile for my dog on My Space. However, I do enjoy Google+ and Twitter. I don’t use either to the degree other authors (or non-authors) do. But I do make occasional comments and use both for promotion.

I like sharing information. When you share information it opens the door to discussion and I love deep discussions. In my private life and in this new author’s world, I find myself blessed with intelligent people to share thoughts and information with. Deep discussions around campfires or dinner conversation with friends fill me up inside. I’m also part of that wonderful authors’ group I often mention here. Not a day goes by where we aren’t sharing news, ideas, gadgets and encouragement. Of course there’s my larger authors’ group specifically for authors published under Siren-Bookstrand. Beyond that, I’m part of an author community that’s larger still. Seeing authors in all stages of their careers makes this sometimes crazy whirlwind easier to live and work in. This is good because there are times when I most definitely feel like I’m in over my head.


I’ve mentioned here recently that I posted my Dreamscape book trailer over at Preview the Book. It held the number one spot for a while and is still up there with recent previews.  It’s nice to have extra exposure.


I really need to do better keeping track of what I read where, if I’m going to mention it here. Sorry. If I find the article I’m about to speak of, I’ll post the link at a later date. Someone wrote recently about the friendly brother/sisterhood of romance writers. It’s true. Someone on the outside might think it would be a competitive field but no, not at all. I haven’t been in such a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment of peers since I taught school a zillion years ago. Every author of my acquaintance so far, be they male or female, is compassionate, encouraging, and helpful.

Case in point: I belong to a marketing group that has authors from all walks of life populating it. Recently, an author’s husband passed away suddenly. A hue and a cry went out to help her family with their loss. I don’t know her, I’m somewhat new to that group, but I will post her information here like so many other authors have on their own blogs and websites to help in this small way. I can’t even allow myself to step into her shoes. I too am married to my best friend. Melinda my heart goes out to you.  Melinda Elmore writes Native American mysteries. If these stories interest you, her site and info is here


Lots of news coming up, especially as we gear up for the Fall for Romance extravaganza. I’ll post more later. Until then,

Seven Things You Might Not Guess About Me  :D

  1. I can roll my tongue. Try it, not everyone can!
  2. I’m a very fast reader & take great pains to slow down when I read aloud.
  3. I enjoy bowling and average a 160 game. I did bowl 200 once but only after the ball smashed my finger and I was in pain. Talk about focus.
  4. I know how to quill birch bark (decorate bark with porcupine quills in the Ojibwa style)
  5. I once owned a tipi (and yes, we did sleep in it often)
  6. I love seeing hot air balloons in the sky but chickened out on the gift my husband gave me for my 40th birthday. Sorry honey.
  7. I’ve been skunked and once was more than enough!

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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  1. venuslookingglass says:

    Whipped Cream? I love the name of the site! I think I need to learn how to twitter so I can follow you on there too. 🙂 O-but I am NOT a stalker…just a reader who enjoys your work!

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