A Star Studded Smile :)

I’m smiling. I’ve been smiling since Saturday. No, I’ve been smiling since Friday night when my husband and I went to watch a hypnosis stage show at a martini bar with friends.  What a lightweight I am. Two expertly made Fuzzy Navels and I should never cross paths. Never. The reality of me is I’m practically teetotal.  The next morning with a dull fevery throb in the center of my brain, I was reminded of the last time we did this.  I was also reminded by my last pained vow not to do this again. *sigh* I know we’ll all go out again and have another fun night. I also I know that one Fuzzy Navel, that simple orange juice-based mixed drink with that shot of apricot liqueur, will taste so good. When I finish it, someone will buy me another out of friendship and of course I’ll consider the sweet gesture for what it is and in a moment of fuzzy-edged clarity I’ll recall what it will make me feel like the next day. Unfortunately, the influence of the last Fuzzy Navel will muddy my resolve. Yes, I’ll be determined to just hold it in my hand and look like I’m drinking it as a show of goodwill and appreciation for a friend’s thoughtfulness. But soon it will begin to whisper to me, I taste sooo good.

And it will.

So my muddy Friday night resolve and Saturday morning hangover aside,  there were several notable things happening in the past few days.

Last week, as briefly mentioned in the blog, I took part in The Romance Studio’s End of Summer Bash. I made some new friends/fans, and ran a few contests. I had a great bunch of interested readers and have goodies to mail out this week. Participating gives me a list of interested readers and their emails. My friend Missy has a huge mailing list for her updates and newsletter (when I grow up I want to have her panache for organizing.) The whole idea of a newsletter caught my imagination the other day. It’s one thing to have interested readers’ email addresses, it’s another to have something to say to them.  I already load my blog with every bit of non-fiction I can think of! But, a direct email notice of upcoming releases, free reads, parties, or  guest appearances,(*gulp*) is a very useful thing. Not everyone stops by my blog and I often have news.

I have another author friend who makes fabulous newsletters with a site called MailChimp.  They’re absolutely beautiful. I went there thinking to check it out and promptly got lost in the part where I had to put my address in. No, I don’t think so. I’m still trying to come up with a way to have my picture taken and keep my anonymity. I’ve heard stories firsthand and murmurs of authors getting stalked. I can’t imagine why, though a Steven King novel comes to mind. The world is full of people living outside of reality. And they’re not all writers.  😉

Along those lines, I’ve been trying to decide if I’ll publish as Rose Anderson when my Magnum Opus, that aforementioned, 31/2-years in the making, 5-book series, is ready to go. Decisions, decisions. But I have time on that one. I haven’t so much as gotten rid of an unnecessary  ;  in that story in months. Who has time?? I’ve said before, it may have been a quick path into the publishing world, but it is by no means an easy path.  I know I said I was going to devote Wednesday s to promoting. Ha! There aren’t enough Wednesdays in the week! Instead I’ve got it down to about three hours a day most days. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been doing this since March. Well, it’s more accurate to say, since the end of April. I had no clear idea what to do that first month. It seems like I’ve been doing this a very long time. Just today, I swear I lived two days. I can’t explain it better than that.

Back to that newsletter idea. Yes it has merit so I will be adding it to my 28-hour  a day to-do list. I don’t know just how it’s going to work, but I’ll launch something soon.

As an author, I’m plugged in to about 75 of the yahoo groups. These are places where readers congregate. Some of the groups I’m on have over 1000 members. Each day a Promotion Loop Schedule comes to my inbox, and in it are all the groups that allow postings on that day. I have my “stack”. Going by my own preferences for how often I’d like to see them, I try to mix it up. Some days I send my accumulated reviews, other days an excerpt. I have three of these – Sweet, sizzling, and scorching and these too are mixed up so as not to repeat and bore. I send three different versions of  “come follow my links” and like the others, I change them out and switch this one for that. Some days I suggest they go give my youtube book trailers a go. I’ve noticed a jump in hits on those days so people are reading and then going to check things out. Following the lead of one of my author friends, I’ve decided to give Yahoo groups a go for my newsletter. When my website is finally done, I’ll have this widget posted.

All any interested person will have to do is click on it and leave your email in the little box that appears.  I envision a once a month newsletter post.

Speaking of following, it blows me away that strangers tap me and tell me they want to follow me on Twitter and the various other sites I’m on. What fun! I’ve had some great conversations and even met a neighbor, that is, an author who lives about 15 minutes from me. I’ve been slowly adding my profile and book info to various sites for higher profile. As of today I’m on a new one. It has “More than 1 million readers every month”. I’d love to see a million Rose Anderson readers!

The Author’s Den. Where Authors and Readers Come Togetherhttp://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=155021

I got an email the other day telling my Hermes Online’s youtube book trailer was her featured guest video this week on Toni Sweeney’s blog. http://www.tonivsweeney.com/Guest_Trailer.html

I was so surprised, I decided to make it a contest. I thought let’s have some fun with this. I sent the notice to my 75 groups saying the first person to email me to tell me where that knife is in the video, gets an ebook copy of Hermes Online and a soon-to-be-famous autographed cover.  Lots of replies on that one needless to say.  LOL Yes you can go look –

That video made number one for nearly a week on http://www.previewthebook.com/book.php?id=3246   That was a cool surprise considering it’s amateurish compared to the professionally done trailers out there. I plan on sending Dreamscape there as soon as it goes to paperback which should be any time now if I follow the progression of Hermes Online all those months ago.

I’ve got several guest blogs coming up but I’ll blog those as they come. Instead let me say I finally have reviews!! Recall in another post where I was wondering if I highbrowed myself into a corner with Dreamscape? The book had me worried there for a while.  What started out as a great first few weeks stalled to a trickle of sales. I got one nice reader review but as nice as it was, in it the reader also stated she got lost. Did that slow things down? I don’t know. It was still a great review but maybe readers don’t like to think they’d get lost at the end. It’s more likely that the economy dictates the whole thing. I just happened to have my author’s debut during a Depression! Thanks a lot Powers That Be.

(lol I can tell it’s getting late when I start having sidebar discussions with myself!)

Back to reviews. Anyway, look what I’ve found for Dreamscape 15 stars!

5 Star Review by Jane Leopold Quinn
What a lovely story! A young girl falls in love with a house and grows up to buy it. Haven’t you ever seen a building that just captured your imagination and your heart? The whole town knows the old mansion is haunted, but Lanie O’Keefe is about to find out for sure. Jason Bowen has watched the town grow around his house for 120 years — all the years he’d been dead. Dead since just after the Civil War. Jason knew he’d been murdered by his wife and her evil friends but had no memory of how the deed occurred. In the Twenty-first Century, when the beautiful Lanie moves into his house and proceeds to restore it to its original glory, he knows this will be a new chance at “life.” How does a ghost physically touch the woman he loves? How does a flesh and blood woman come to realize that she’s falling in love with an ethereal being? Humor and sensuality shine through in this story. Believe me, Ms. Anderson created some delightful ways for Lanie and Jason to communicate their feelings. Lush and lyrical describe the prose — hot and sumptuous the love scenes. While you’re reading Dreamscape, you’ll come up with happily ever after theories. You’ll desperately want to so these two people can triumph over death. My advice? Just read and enjoy the ride to the end. I had my thoughts, and they were wrong. The real ending is a wonderful surprise. Just let it be, and live in the Dreamscape.

5-Star Review by Dr. Judith
OMG — what a novel!! This is one of those books that lures the reader in with its mysterious scenario of dreams and a woman who has always romanticized this wonderful house–literally falling in love with a house as well as the gorgeous man occupying the house a century before. Ms Anderson has crafted a story that will continually entice the imagination of the reader to move forward in the hopes of finding a way these two lovers can ultimately be together, solve the mystery of the hero’s death, or find ways to re-create the gentility of the past–especially if Lanie can find a way to be there with her dream lover. Yet there are surprises all the way through, not to mention that the ending absolutely floored me and got me all twisted up . . . in a good way, of course. Just an absolutely stunning story and one that all lovers of romance fiction need to read. This is not a story that should be missed. I feel it has been a true delight and privilege to read this tale.

5-Star review by Manic Readers
Loved Dreamscape! Anderson has woven a 150 year old mystery with a 21st century ghost story, along with a few jealousies, murders, and assorted other intrigues to make a fascinating story. You could call this a time travel, a love story over the ages, or whatever, but it’s well done no matter what you want to call it.
Lainie seemingly exists in the 21stcentury where she’s renovating an old painted lady Victoria house that once belonged to Dr. Jason Bowen, who was murdered 150 years ago. She also seems to be able to exist in one form or another in Jason’s time. Jason and Lainie are in love in his time, but how will they manage to be together in hers? I wondered as I read this how the lovers were ever going to solve that problem, but was totally surprised at how Anderson arrived at the HEA ending I was hoping for, as I read far into the night. Great read with a surprising twist ending.

I’m smiling.

Seven Things You Might Not Guess About Me  :D

  1. I love egg foo young.
  2. I’ve been a spelunker (yes, in caves)
  3. I tend to have very long-lived pets
  4. I had a 48lb rooster
  5. I’m slightly claustrophobic (long story)
  6. I’m Master Level Reiki trained
  7. I love singing with friends

I shall take my smile and hie off to bed.


Bigger news coming, and with it a much bigger smile.

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Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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