Seven Things ~

An email flew past my inbox the other day, one of dozens I get any given day. I’ve mentioned before that my author email is a yahoo account. I won’t go off on a tear about that (this time), I’d like to talk about something else. Very few emails come to that inbox as chitchat. The bulk of it comes as info. Back in mid-April, I knew if I didn’t have some sort of organization to my mail, my inbox would look like the judge’s courtroom desk at Kris Kringle’s sanity trial in the movie A Miracle on 34th Street. I made folders there.

At first they were simple:

1. To Keep – from Siren

2. Do This to Promote

3. Interesting.

Then as my feet got a little wetter in the author pond, I added:

4. Correspondence to Keep

5. Groups.

Up to my knees three months in, my virtual file cabinet grew by:

6. Copyright Claims

7. Pirate Sites

8. Reviews

9. Review Sites.

Waist deep I find:

10. Vistaprint Orders

11. Marketing

12. Artist Permission.

Paddling now, I’ve added:

13. Commitments & Interviews

14. Contests

15. Nice Comments.

Information bulges in some of these folders. I occasionally try to organize even further. Sometimes by copy and pasting the pertinent bits into a document, other times by sorting assorted links and acting on whatever I find. I did that the other day and set myself up with interviews in September, October, and November. That was fun! 🙂  Did it lighten the load in my folders? No. I just moved those links from Interesting into my Do This to Promote folder!! I gotta figure something else out. So anyway, that email that flew past my inbox was from an author who’d recently posted a blog entry entitled Seven Things you didn’t Know about Me.  I always follow the links other author’s send. Sometimes I get ideas, sometimes I’m inspired, other times I’m just tickled.I went over there. It was cute and exactly as promised.

It got me thinking…

When I began this amazing journey, I had to write an About Me page for Siren-Bookstrand. Let me tell you, it’s hard to write About Me. I mean what the heck do you say? Who finds what interesting about the author? I did a lot of thinking the day my publisher said I needed to write one. Not having a clue where to even begin, I went to the site and randomly clicked on other Author’s About Me pages to see what they’d done. Some were sparse. Some were genial and chatty, while others were biographical. And a few said almost as much about pets as they said about the Author him/herself.

I wrote one based on the author bios that caught and held my attention. It’s wordy. Two weeks later I reread it and of course changed it. After a while a writer can’t help but go into autopilot and self-edit as better wording and that just right turn of phrase comes to mind. Fortunately, the publisher was great about posting the new one. As mentioned in a recent post here in the blog, I’ve lately been parking my Calliope avatar, that pictorial placeholder used instead of my photo, and a condensed About Me on several promising sites. It’s time for a new one. I’ll start with this –

Seven Things You Might Not Guess About Me  😀

  1. I love the music of the British Isles and Brittany.
  2. To combat shyness, I took a DJ job in college.
  3. My ipod has 8443 songs on it.
  4. I’m a World drummer
  5. I’ve walked on fire three times
  6. I’m night blind
  7. I collect a rainbow of 1930-40’s Hall ball-shaped water jugs.

Now that was fun. To give readers and other authors a chance to know me better, I think I’ll add to this every week. By the end of a year, we’ll all understand me! 😀

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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