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Have I mentioned I’ve been busy? This weekend an email came shooting by my inbox asking questions about various networking groups. I had some time, the family was out and about, so I thought I should look into some of the more well-known offerings out there. Networking is good. People get interested in what’s up with you like books out, reviews, events, etc, if they know you. I started with one of the more visual — Linked-In.

{Hanging my head}

Here’s the wiki definition of this thing:

Now it may work great for people with careers out there that could use a wide network. I found it to be a monster-sized headache that set in motion a world of aggravation for me. First, it asked for the basics, name email, etc. Then it rifled my yahoo address book!

You’ll love this. Months ago, before yahoo did its unnecessary and annoying update, I’d set the thing not to keep addresses. I don’t use address books. I keep all my addresses offline in a file since I was inadvertently sent an email-harvester by a friend several years ago. Well guess what? Yahoo, not only updated its bells and whistles that I don’t need and could really do without, it also reset that blasted address book behind my back. Linked-In did a grab-n-snatch and sent an email from me asking recipients to be my friend in an attempt to link up EVERYONE in the address book I disabled. Gaaaa!!!

What did that get me?
A.) I was bumped off one yahoo group for breaking their rules (I’m since back on)
B.) I was sent several emails from people saying oh no, you didn’t…
C.) Time spent apologizing. Apologies sent through yahoo have that %&$# encryption to figure out before you send them!
D.) Time spent figuring out how to delete the Linked-In account.

I seriously hate sneaky things like that.  😦

I did find some nice places to park my mug, well not my mug, Calliope’s mug. It’s kind of pointless to have a nom de plume if you’re going to put your face everywhere. One thing I do know about the internet, it’s not that big when it comes to anonymity. My face shows up on searches and I’m far less newsworthy than Rose. I don’t like that but that’s how it goes with the internet.

Of these places, I tried to pick the ones that appear to have the most going for a writer. Time will tell just what all they have. Here are my top four with info direct from their sites:

She Writes
She Writes is a community, virtual workplace, and emerging marketplace for women who write, with over 15,000 active members from all 50 states and more than 30 countries. Leveraging social media tools and harnessing women’s collaborative power, She Writes is fast becoming the destination for all women who write.

What I’ve done there so far –
I’ve created a blog with a little about me and Calliope’s cool picture as my avatar, and somehow linked it to Twitter. I posted a little piece about the Muses, the excerpt taken from this blog. I’ve also gained my first “friend” there. I like it. It’s easy to use, friendly, and as the site FAQ’s say, there are over 15,000 active members there. I’d love it if they all became Rose Anderson fans!

Writers Café
A friendly community where people—friends—can offer advice, share ideas, and encourage you in your writing.

What I’ve done so far –
Built a profile using my canned profile (the profile I first made for myself all these many months ago). I’ll redo it as I have time. I added Calliope’s avatar picture too. As of this morning I have a “friend” and an offer to join the Poetic Infusion Society. I have yet to delve deeply into this group or the site as a whole. Shortly after I signed up, the aforementioned fiasco with Linked-In began. It looks great though and will get more of my attention soon.

The Red Room
Red Room is a community founded around the idea that writing transforms individuals and sometimes whole societies—whether you’re a writer or a reader, you’re part of something special. It’s a platform built for the future of publishing, an ecosystem where you can have a home, find friends and colleagues, and participate in the marketplace. Red Room is a social hub, a place to discuss and buy books in every genre, and a destination for exclusive content that will entertain and inspire you. Causes We Support is a vital part of Red Room, as it shines a spotlight on organizations effecting change around the world. Because our authors are also socially minded, we also profile the nonprofit/charity groups significant to them.

What I’ve done so far –
Started my Author’s page with the calliope avatar, part of my canned bio, and an example of a review I’d recently received that spoke about me the author more than the book I’d written. This too got shoved aside while I dealt with Linked-In. I find the Causes We Support aspect of this group exciting. While I seriously doubt my erotic romances will transform anyone, I know my magnum opus (see previous posts) has great potential to do just that. By then, I should have all the details of The Red Room down pat. It looks like a very cool site to be involved in because activism for the betterment of the world is what I do! There’s just something about rubbing elbows with Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Salman Rushdie, and John Stewart. I gotta get my magnum opus done. I’m sure they’d all understand it.  🙂

**Update. The Calliope avatar is a no-go here. I received an email telling me they need an actual picture. I sent a reply asking about nom de plumes. No reply as of this writing.  😦  I haven’t outed myself yet so I’ll have to put my membership in this one on the back burner for a time until I figure out what I’m going to do.

Manic Readers
Our mission is to provide readers with a wide variety of information on the industry’s books, authors, and publishers, while simultaneously giving authors and publishers a place to promote their books for free.

It’s funny, I periodically search the internet looking for where my books have gone next and what reviews have been posted that I wasn’t expecting. Oh, and of course trolling the waters for pirates. Anyway, I’ve seen my name pop up with Manic Readers, a well-respected site in the industry. To my surprise, I discovered recently they encourage authors to have pages there. And so there I went.

What I’ve done so far –
I finally worked on an Author’s Page there by posting a canned bio, adding calliope’s mug, and all my pertinent links. This site, like the others, will get more of my time as I find it.


So in the day to day, I’m making great progress on my third novel. In the past week I’ve set up four author interviews – one in September, two in October, and one in November. I have one character interview set for sometime this fall. Whew. Busy busy.

I found a site the other day with an opportunity to post a kiss. I wrote a sweet first kiss in Hermes Online. I plan on posting soon.

There are a few other things coming up but I won’t bog the blog with details at this time.


Every once in a while you do that double take. The kind of head motion that goes along with What???

This came my way the other day and I saved it for the blog. The national business magazine, Forbes, recently posted some $$ info on well-known authors. Holy cow.

James Patterson — $84 million
Danielle Steel — $35 million
Stephen King — $28 million
Janet Evanovich — $22 million
Stephenie Meyer — $21 million
Rick Riordan — $21 million
Dean Koontz — $19 million
John Grisham — $18 million
Jeff Kinney — $17 million
Nicholas Sparks — $16 million

So my author group discussed this a while. I won’t mention which one of these authors doesn’t actually do his/her own work, but I think if you’re not actually doing the writing, rather your crew is, then you shouldn’t be considered an author so much as an orchestrator or promoter.

Speaking of promoting…In that discussion I also learned there are authors who make no bones about buying 10,000 copies of their own book, thus propelling themselves into the best seller list. I heard Sarah Palin’s organization did that to her book. Someone said she actually heard a writer stand up at a meeting and tell how she purposely has her releases scheduled when no other big releases by bigger authors are scheduled. (Not a bad strategy if you’re able to.) (This next part blows my mind) Then she buys her books in the ten thousands and hits the bestsellers list. I say WTF? What’s with these authors?

So I have to ask…do they then sell those books they just bought in volume? This is sort of a mad scientist form of marketing, brilliant in a totally dishonest, totally evil way. On what planet is it fair to buy your way into a bestselling slot? Bestsellers are supposed to be reader driven. They’re supposed to be THE book everyone is talking about and buying. In addition to the sales bump a bestseller gives them, these unscrupulous authors not only get the royalties from the sales they just made, they get to resell their pallets of books and make their money back. And it’s all done in a rather dubious way don’t you think? An author friend said, [There are ways to cheat and always people who’ll do it. And occasionally those who will admit to it as if it’s a clever marketing strategy.] No kidding.

I wonder how a person’s moral compass loses its needle like that, that this disconnect occurs and they see it as clever and not as dishonest. Would their readers ever pick up another of their books if they knew they were set up to believe they were buying a bestseller that had that standing only because the numbers were skewed? I doubt it. Sometimes I’m so surprised by the actions of others.

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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5 Responses to The Best & the Consciousless

  1. Very interesting links. I’ll be checking those out as I decompress tonight. Also, your author tidbits are both enlightening and disgruntling. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I do know an author who just made the NYT best sellers list on his own as a result of writing for/with Dean Koontz. The books said Dean Koontz and ***. I can’t think of Bill’s psuedonym, as I know him from Mensa, not a writing group. So sometimes established authors who take on a partner give a relatively new author a boost, But, yeah–the part about buying 10,000 copies to put your name on the best-seller list sucks. I can barely afford to buy five copies at a time to keep in my car in case I meet someone who would like to buy a copy when I’m talking about it I sold one last night when I was singing karaoke. Woo Hoo! Now I can aford a $6,.00 loaf of guten-free bread or half a tank of gas!

  4. Oh! I meant to comment on the statues at the museums! Where in Chicago did you grow up, Rose? I used to hang out at the Field Museum when I was a teenager, and then my friends and I would walk back downtown and flirt with the sailors. ;-D Now, I really need to bring my grandkids up here and take them to the museums and pay particular attention to the statues at the Field Museum.

    I grew up on the Northwest Side (Milwaukee, Irving and Cicero) for those of you who know the city. Now I live near Fox Lake–about as far northwest as you can go and call yourself a suburb. Of course, when I was a kid, this was just a quaint little resort town on the Chain of Lakes.

    Thanks for the memories and the education about one of my favorite places in Chicago.


  5. Thanks for stopping by Rochelle! Like I said, buying your own books to make the bestseller list is Mad Scientist marketing strategy – brilliant in a totally dishonest and evil way.

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