Slow illumination & Dreamscape’s release

I have exciting news today. Dreamscape launched. Here’s what’s on Siren-Bookstrand’s page:

This new release is offered at a 15% discount until July 26th.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, ghosts]

Unable to deny his own translucence, Dr. Jason Bowen determines his lack of physical substance could only mean one thing—he’s a ghost. Murdered more than a century before, Jason haunts his house and ponders the treachery that took his life.

When Lanie O’Keefe arrives with plans to renovate her newly purchased Victorian mansion, Jason discovers, ghost or not, he’s still very much a man.

Despite its derelict condition and haunted reputation, Lanie couldn’t be happier with her new home, but then she has no idea a spirit follows her every move throughout the day and shares her captivating warmth at night. Jason soon discovers he can travel through Lanie’s dreams and finds himself reliving the days before his murder with Lanie by his side.

It took one hundred and twenty years for love to find them, but there’s that insurmountable little matter of Jason being dead.

A Siren Erotic Romance

I think knowing what to do is a slow illumination. Today I posted to all the yahoo groups populated by members who read, write, and enjoy books. I botched it. LOL  I know enough now to go for begging for reviews. I know enough now to send out notices. I’ve tweeted on Twitter even. So what did I mess up? First off, I couldn’t settle on an excerpt so I chose nearly an entire chapter. Too long. Next, I sent my notice on without a buy link! <face palm> That’s only the most important part of a notice such as that. A friend suggested I try again at the end of the day. I thought I’d just get my mea culpa done for the day and after removing the long excerpt, I re-sent my blurb, the buy link and the youtube trailer along with my regrets for flooding the message board with repeats. As for the earlier postings, well…maybe the excerpt will encourage readers to go look me up.

Surprising thing I noticed the other day and for the life of me I don’t see how this could possibly be a draw. I have an attempted rape in this story. Foul across the board – very foul language, very foul bad guy. I did it to create a necessary point of decision for the ghost. It only goes on for a two small paragraphs, just enough to display the foulness (I make very evil bad guys.) As I mentioned in a previous post, my one truly evil bad guy could be Voldemort’s brother. This would-be rapist could be a distant 3rd or 4th cousin. His language is the worst thing about him but bad people often use bad language. The surprising thing here is my publisher sent the release notice around, and as a draw said my story had light bondage! No. It had an attempted rape. This “tagging” is how Hermes Online comes up on searches saying sex toys. Crazy stuff those tags.

Dreamscape is my second erotic romance novel. A year ago I gave myself five books in this genre. I figured if I could manage to write, pitch, publish, and sell, five books, I’d surely have the mechanics down. Along the way I learned I also needed to promote. OK, I blew it with Hermes Online. I just didn’t know what to do those first months of being published. Oh sure, I managed to make some ground, a late out of the gate start as it were. Fortunately, great reviews, outstanding help, and moderate promoting on my part have led to the start of a sound reputation.

I see a crossroads in the distance now. One I never expected to see so soon. Yes, there’s much more to learn, and at book two I am by no means done. This is like being in the desert and seeing the mountains. They’re right there in your line of vision, but oh so far away.

As I find my footing my confidence grows little by little. There isn’t a week that goes by where someone doesn’t email me to say I have a unique style. I don’t know about that. People who know me say they can hear my voice when they read my writing. Yeah, I pretty much write the same as I talk so I think it’s not so much unique style as it is just me casually talking in print. I don’t consider myself a unique talker by any stretch. Still, those comments feel great. I’ve saved several from various people, nice comments that I plan on keeping forever. They’ll remind me not to be so hard on myself. I really am my worst critic and when you’re a conceptual artist, there are more than enough critics out there to be sure your head doesn’t get too big.

The comments that surprise me are the ones that say, “Don’t send any more of your books to Siren, go directly to New York.”, “You do know you’re wasting your talent here, don’t you? You should be in New York”, “Why aren’t you in the New York Houses?”

Heck if I know.

I met an author the other day, one actually in the New York publishing houses. Well, in at least one house anyway. The way most people talk of NY, I was thinking there must be a zillion hoops to jump through to get one of those big houses to take you on. I asked this author how one goes about getting in NY. Oddly enough, despite my direct inquiry, my question was never answered directly. In the course of the conversation, I learned this was a case of right place right time. Nothing special, just proximity. I was told something else too and the way it was worded took me by surprise. In so many words what I was doing was compared to what this author was doing. I was told that there are writers who should be happy to e-publish.

Now it might be just me, but hearing “be happy to e-publish” right on top of not being answered directly, and I walked away from that conversation believing that author felt she stood on a very small piece of ground and I was threatening her footing somehow. If not me threatening in some way, then certainly I was bringing something up that this person didn’t want discussed. There was, after all, no specific edge – it was merely proximity. It was very unsettling. Perhaps NY does have a zillion hoops. Recalling an earlier blog entry where I talked about having an author all to myself at a conference in Michigan, I remember he said he argued with his NY editor and got dropped from the NY House. Apparently these aren’t just hoops, they’re flaming hoops.

I won’t dwell too long on that. It’ll be years before I pitch my books to the eastern shore.


In several weeks time, I’ll call in an order for Chinese takeout and send my son and daughter to pick it up. When they return, the four of us will sit around the kitchen table and talk while we enjoy the treat. I’m coming clean. I’m saying, hey guess what? Your mom has been a published author since March. They’re adults, have been for many years now, but they’re still my kids. And my published works are erotic romance.

I started this journey silently, secretly, cautiously building my writing career. Early on I was too afraid of being the source of embarrassment to my family. Good grief I never wanted to be that. I just wanted to make enough money to buy a piece of land for my husband to retire on. I wanted a foot in the door to the publishing world so I’d know what the heck I was doing by the time my larger work (the aforementioned Magnum Opus) was ready to hit the stage. This was the fastest way in. I’m in. It worked. I won’t lie, I wish my kids will never read my books or at least wait until I’m dead. lol But I’m not embarrassed by this choice. I’ve worked harder to get here than I’ve ever worked for anything anywhere. This may have been the quickest route in, but it’s by no means an easy route. If you couldn’t write, you’d never get in.

I have my eye on New York and when I get there, I’m going to be wearing flame-proof nomex!

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Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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