Four tea cups, a nice warm 2, & more

Before I start the blog for the day, I’d like to make an announcement. Getting noticed is hard. I’ve mentioned before that I had no idea promoting was part of this publishing game but I’ve discovered, as we’re all in the same have to promote boat so to speak, that authors help other authors become known. I never would have guessed this industry was populated by such wonderful people who always lend a hand to one another not only through ongoing encouragement, they generously give space on websites and blogs. What this does is broaden an author’s exposure to potential readers. I have my regular blog readers, they have theirs etc. Any romance author looking for some “air time” on Calliope’s Writing Tablet only need ask. Once I get my fluid template up and running, this blog will, in part, be a romance author’s showcase in addition to the day-to-day of my personal journey as an author.

Speaking of…here are other bits of oddness to this whole experience ~

1) Hermes Online has been pirated. Some scumbag is actually giving away my book for free. Flattering in one respect, infuriating in another. It’s not in the US by the way, no copyright law to protect me. It’s overseas somewhere. I find myself half way between wanting to seriously punch someone in the nose and going out and buying another cheesecake. (are you new to my blog? Cheesecake is fully explained earlier on). There’s a strange sort of flattery involved. Someone thought enough about my intellectual property to steal it and there’s a score of others who actually downloaded it and liked it enough to leave happy comments! Like I said – a punch in the nose or a slice of cheesecake. I’m totally bemused.

2) My book is selling in Europe now and there is an Asian site selling it too.

3) Someone sold my paperback on ebay! Honestly, a new copy of Hermes Online bid on by two people who wanted it. That just blows my mind. My husband thinks I should sell autographed copies on there. I’m considering it. LOL ebay. Like I said, it’s mind blowing.

So back to promoting opportunity. This very nice person, author Jocelyn Modo, helped me by making space for me on her blog later this week. I am returning the favor now.
I hope anyone reading today follows the link and gives Jocelyn Modo’s erotic romance sci fi short Paradise Moon a peek. Comment on the latest post on or on a recent post at by May 31st for a book give-away. The winner will be selected randomly and announced on her FaceBook page as well as on both blogs.

So I have news ~

Hermes Online has been getting reviews. I’m very grateful people took the time to leave them. Here’s what’s come in so far:

Hermes Online by Rose Anderson is such a special story told in a completely unique way. Vivienne is you or me, if we had the gumption. She takes defeat and rejection, wallows for a short time, then does something about it. She explores her sensuality, satisfies her curiosity, and indulges in an online connection. Discovering her true self frees her to become the woman she was meant to be. Short and sweet, highly sensual and revelatory, you can’t miss with this beautifully written story.

This story was fantastic from beginning to end. It is a fun fantasy many women will enjoy! I’ll definitely check out this author’s next book.I loved this book. This is wordsmithing. Ms. Anderson’s style is poetic and visual. Who would not have fallen madly in love with S? I did. Don’t miss this book. It reminded me to put poetry in my life. I’ll be reading this book again, and I await more of Ms. Anderson’s work with baited breath. Read this story. You’ll love it.

This story was fantastic from beginning to end. It is a fun fantasy many women will enjoy! I’ll definitely check out this author’s next book.

An intriguing tale that mixes lost love and seduction. Hermes, the Greek God of boundaries … and those who cross them, an interesting choice for the title of this tale.

More than a gripping tale of an online affair, the vivid imagery of the scenes leap from the pages. The intense eroticism created within the mind of author is presented in such a way that the story is felt rather than read. Your pulse will quicken as you are swept away. And then such an exciting conclusion when… Sorry, you’ll need to read that for yourself.

Not just sex. This book has a nice story to it. Rose Anderson uses words and color that you can picture in your mind. The story is very detailed and exciting. You can imagine yourself in the story. It is very hot, hot, hot.

Wow. This is a scorcher of a story! A well written story with great attention to detail. I loved the way the story progressed, the way the author made the characters come alive. It’s a story that you can lose yourself in, a believable, sexy and modern tale of love, sex and romance. Sigh…Well done Ms. Anderson, I’ll be looking for more of your stories.

A steamy love story with a fantastic plot. Nice to read something so erotic, yet so well written. Well done Ms. Anderson, would love to read more of your books.

Bravo. If you enjoy a love story with sizzle, this is a good one. I’m looking forward to your next book Rose!

And these stars, bars and teacups too:

Last week Hermes Online got its first ever reviewer review 4 tea cups from Happily Ever After Reviews. There are a lot of terrific book reviews there. I recommend stopping by. Here’s the link.

Funny thing here, when I went to send out an announcement to readers and authors alike, I rushed through and sent it with a bunch of typos! Duh. <Shaking my head here> I blame my excitement over actually getting a professional review, and a good one at that.

After my many requests for a review of my 69 day old book Hermes Online I have a few pending and will post the results good or bad as I get them. This first went like this:

Clare C’s Review

Vivienne had fallen into a rut in the year since the breakup of her last relationship. As many of us do when life deals lemons, we pine for better times. We look back at that one hot relationship that didn’t work out and think “What if?” Throwing caution to the wind one night, she posts an erotic story she wrote on a free site. People say nice things and one man challenges her to do a little more via the privacy of email.

I liked this story. It’s a throwback to the old style romanticism. Nobody leaps into bed with a stranger. While they titillate one another with erotic emails, they get to know each other. Because it’s told through first person point of view, we don’t get to know S as well as we might. I admit I didn’t trust him not to be a serial killer, and I definitely bit my nails when she agreed to meet him in person. However, it needed to be done because I was a little tired of them not having actually met. Once they meet, the pace of the narrative picks up and sparks fly.

The best thing about this story is the ending. The plot twist definitely appeals to the romantic in me. It’s a thoroughly sensual read and a feel-good story.

4 Tea Cups!

Very cool. It got a Heat Rating of 2 (!!) I can only think I must be a prude. LOL I actually thought it was too hot to submit initially. How wrong I was! Here’s the rundown:

Review Ratings by Tea Cup

1 Tea Cup– Not my cup of tea.

2 Tea Cups-It was okay.  Had some redeeming qualities.

3 Tea Cups-A good read.

4 Tea Cups-Really enjoyed.

5 Tea Cups-Wow!  What a great book.

5 Tea Cups and a RR-This book went above and beyond and deserves extra recognition!

There are also 1/2 Tea Cups for books that fit between ratings.

Heat Ratings

Heat Rating 1 – Minimal or no sexual interaction

Heat Rating 2 – Adult- Mainstream (some graphic content)

Heat Rating 3 – Adult-Very Graphic

Heat Rating 4 – Adult- Smoking Hot!!

Holy cow. Yep, I must be a prude. Still, a heat level of 2 and four teacups at Happily Ever After Reviews is considered a really enjoyable mainstream read. I’m very pleased with it and grateful to Clare C for her nice assessment. I’m also glad she kept going despite her woman’s intuition that said S might be less than the compelling man he appeared. After all of S’s flowery prose, it would have truly been a shame to make him into a serial killer.  😉

That thought does make me wonder though. As a romance reader for approximately twenty-five years, I never gave any thought to the leading man being seedy. It didn’t matter if he were a pillaging pirate or Viking who took what he wanted. In the end true love would find him and it would all work out despite the rough and/or questionable beginning. Our modern world has no room for that. My editor wanted to know where the condoms were so I wrote some into a scene. My first reviewer had a moment of apprehension on Vivienne and S meeting. What have we lost that we have to think twice in our fluff literature?


I have other news. Today I am a guest on Stormy Knight’s blog, another wonderful person with a site worth stopping by regularly just to see what’s new.  I’m grateful to Stormy Knight for this showcase opportunity. It has the following interview plus lots more.

Rose Anderson is an author of erotica and erotic romance. Her newest work is Hermes Online.

How did you come up with the title of your book?
As the story unfolded in my imagination, I discovered my main character Vivienne had been on a student’s architectural tour in Greece and had a whirlwind romance there. This brought the Greek gods to mind. The myths are full of gods meddling in mortal lives. Winging missives between the gods and the mortals below, the god Hermes was often the messenger for this meddling. As the tale is a modern one, I chose the computer rather than a scroll to get that message across. The result – Hermes Online.

What is Hermes Online about?
I’d have to say first and foremost it has to do with self rediscovery and returning from despair. At a low point in her life, Vivienne allows the cruel words of another to steal her vitality and dictate how she sees herself. As a woman in this society, I believe women in our culture do this all the time. We allow others to determine how we see ourselves. Hermes Online is Vivienne’s journey back to her true self, back to her true feminine power.

What books have most influenced your life?
It’s hard to say. For the most part I’m an informational reader. Books have come to me when I’ve needed them, if that makes sense. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring helped form my environmental ethic. Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People helped me be a better friend (by the exercise of writing my own obituary). The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan helped build my sense of self as a teenage girl. I’ve read the entire 1985 Worldbook Encyclopedia (yes I am rather nerdy) and that certainly helped me as a writer by giving me a broad knowledge base to draw upon. There are many others – To Kill a Mockingbird, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Cosmos, The Color Purple, Leaves of Grass… Like I said, they came into my life when I needed them. All of the above have influenced me in some way and I am sure there are more were I to think about it.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Is it ok to have two? I’d have to say Michael Crichton and Diana Gabaldon for their ability to craft dynamic scenes you can actually smell while reading. I like the total sensorial immersion to be had in good story telling. I strive to do that in my own writing.

What are your current projects?
I have three irons in the fire right now – my five-book magnum opus on the ultimate battle of light and dark/ good and evil, my erotic romance set in the Isle of Skye, and a rewrite of another I wrote more than five years ago that I submitted way too soon and had to pull from production because the editor saw something I didn’t intend the story to have.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Good god yes. My inadequate public school education that contributes to regular butchering of grammar and the fact I grew up in Chicago. We Chicagoans have our own way of speaking. If readers knew how much care I take to avoid things like “where’s my keys” instead of “where are my keys”, they’d laugh.

What naughty pleasures do you believe erotica readers like the best?
I read a study recently regarding the average healthy human’s sexuality. It said being privy to the intimate details between lovers, be they M/M, M/F, F/F, stimulated both male and female minds regardless if the act was something they would personally take part in, regardless if the act was heterosexual or homosexual. I find that fascinating. I suppose this means readers enjoy peeking through the keyhole and like being swept away in the sensual tide erotic romance writers create. I do.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Write what you like then walk away. Read it later when your emotional involvement has had a chance to mellow. If you clearly see your interest and passion in your chosen words and are enjoying the images they evoke, then your other readers will too. When I first met the characters who populate my five-book novel-in-progress as a reader, I thought Wow, I really like this family.

Met them? You say that as if they’re real.
That’s the funny thing about my characters – they are! Think about it. They must be real on some level or they wouldn’t experience life in the story. Their world is like cellophane over mine. The things I know about each and every one of them, their loves and hates, their quirks, habits, and idiosyncrasies, make them tangible beings with substantial personalities. I hear their voices when they speak to one another and I feel their internal dialog as they move through their world. I even know whether or not they put both socks on before their shoes or one sock one shoe at a time. I suppose every writer is just a tad schizophrenic.

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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