Review requests & the draining hourglass

The other day my author group inspired me to go looking for reviews. After Siren released Hermes Online back in March, they sent me a list of reviewers they’d sent my book to. I haven’t heard so much as a rustle. I’ve been told some of these sites get upwards of 400 books a month to review so I knew from the get go that this was going to take time. The thing is, time isn’t a good thing for a novel. Too much time without exposure and the book slips into obscurity. From what I’ve been able to gather, what sells, sells by 1. promotion, 2. word of mouth, 3. by being in the right place at the right time.

Armed with that knowledge it was high time to hit the review sites. One author friend suggested I hit them hard. Generous soul she is, she posted for the group the review request form letter she uses for each of her books and said we were welcome to rewrite to fit our own books. I did and had fun doing it too. I scanned my novel for the best example of the story and even inserted my youtube video should any reviewer be so inclined to see it. A half hour in to sending them off and I was close to pulling my hair out. My email is a yahoo email. You have to be a cryptologist to send emails through yahoo. Every single email you send has this cd7HMvs or 89bHLAqnu or some such gibbering that you must write into a little box to prove you’re human. Yahoo was acting up that day. I typed in far more Gb92MLyr than ever before, sometimes 2 or 3 for each email I was trying to send! I was feeling a very inhuman frustration after a while. Toward the end, I gave up and went to my hotmail account — not the most desirable  because I was doing a lot of copy and pasting and hotmail will only give you one email to work on at a time. Then to keep track of all my sent emails, I had to forward them to my yahoo folder. Pain in the butt that.

Within 24 hours, out of a few dozen requests, I had two new reviews to add to my one pending review. So it’s working! These three will take time to happen but I’ll post the results good or bad here.  Some might find they yawn when they read Hermes Online while others might go oh my!  I’m expecting the whole range and I’m ready. If my book gets a bad review, I only hope it doesn’t torpedo my sales.

I also received an email yesterday telling me I missed the boat for Hermes Online because books are usually reviewed in the first 30 days of release. Anything older than that is too far under the stack of incoming books to bother with. Think about that — my book has been out for 55 days. If there are 400 books a month to one review site alone, it would take an army of readers to tackle the normal day to day new submissions.  No wonder it takes so long. If you were to envision the old-time publishing houses where everything was done on paper, then my book has something like 600 books sitting on top of it in the stack. When Dreamscape comes out, these time sensitive sites will be the first sites I send to. Live and learn.

As far as updates go, my first printed book plates will be part of two goodie baskets in an upcoming raffle. I’m making up two packs of all 8 pictures to send to a friend who’s packing those baskets. I still haven’t figured out how to add my new template to my blog but after yahoo mail’s time stealing the other day, I decided to let it go for a few days. I do have other books to write!

I’ve received some wonderful comments for Hermes Online. Those who’ve read it say they liked it. There are comments left at Amazon, and on SirenBookStrand. Feel free to go read them. They make me smile. I also have over 100 views on youtube and I’ve watched amazon sales climb, albeit slowly, by noticing how one day they have five books for sale, then the next day they have one for sale, then they have five again, down to two then one, then back to five. I do believe Siren sends them five at a time. It’s either a computer glitch somewhere or someone’s buying them.  🙂

I just signed my contract for Dreamscape and signed off on the blurbs I’d written so in my experience with Hermes Online, the edits should be coming my way any day now. Here’s a teaser for my next book Dreamscape the 150 word blurb ~

Seeing his own transparency, Dr. Jason Bowen determines his lack of physical substance could only mean one thing – he’s a ghost. Murdered more than a century before, Jason haunts his house and ponders the treachery that took his life. When Lanie O’Keefe arrives with plans to renovate her newly purchased Victorian mansion, Jason discovers ghost or not, he’s still very much a man. Despite the derelict condition and ridiculous haunted house reputation, Lanie couldn’t be happier with her new home, but then she has no idea a spirit follows her every move throughout the day and shares her captivating warmth at night. Jason soon discovers he can travel through Lanie’s dreams and finds himself reliving the days before his murder with Lanie by his side. It took one hundred and twenty years for love to find them. There’s just that little matter of Jason Bowen being dead.

🙂 Yes, I know what you’re thinking here. How does one get to happily ever after out of that dead end? You’ll see.

About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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